How To Do An Interview

There are 5 steps to any prospect interview. All should be completed to get the most from the Local Leader System.

Your aim is to get all 5 steps done within 30-35 minutes. However, if you’re just getting started with your interviews, you may find that your interviews could go a little over, or you focus on 3-4 steps, rather than all 5.

Step 1: The Greeting

  • This is when you arrive to do the interview!
  • Get to know the person a little before you start 
  • Let them know the process for the interview and check that they don’t have any hard stop times
  • Get your equipment ready for the interview
  • Before the interview, you’ll want to send them the questions so that they can prepare
  • Here is a great article on how to prepare for an interview

Step 2: The Questions

  • This is when you DO the interview
  • Start with your introduction which highlights you and the interviewee, as well as what you’re doing with them that day (e.g. your interview!)
  • Ask 5-10 questions. This is the ideal amount to keep you from being there too long while getting some great information.
  • Your questions should identify what this person/business does, what their interests are, and what they want/need.
  • This will not only create a great interview but give you the context to follow up with them in the future!
  • Finish with an outro to summarize the interview, who you met with, and your call to action
  • Turn off anything that is recording!
  • For a script of what to say in your intro and outro, click here.
  • Not sure where to find the questions? Check out this article with step-by-step instructions.

Step 3: Prospecting / Q and A

  • This is when you learn more about the person and identify if they or anyone that they know are interested in buying or selling
  • You prospect directly following the interview, when the cameras are no longer rolling and you are “off the record”
  • A great way to introduce this is that it’s a Q and A for both parties to get to know one another more. They’ll likely want to know why you’re doing this!
  • Your goal here is to introduce how you can serve them beyond the interview.
  • After you learn about them ask them appointment setting or “magic questions”
  • Appointment setting / “magic questions” are directed to get a meeting set up with them to talk about how you can serve them and help them achieve their goals in real estate. 
  • If they are interested, book a time to speak with them later. Focus on finishing the process first!
  • Remember, the majority of people won’t have questions as the majority of people aren’t looking to buy or sell right now. So don’t worry if you move on pretty quickly. 
  • The goal here is to plant seeds. They need to know what you do if they’re going to use your services in the future or refer you to someone they know.
  • Not sure how to bring up what you do? Check out this article on how to bring up real estate.

Step 4: The Wrap Up

  • Here you want to confirm that their name and contact information is correct. It’s best if you have this prepared prior to the interview.
  • Following it’s a great time to let the interviewee know when you’re planning on posting your interview. Our team recommends within 2 weeks from the date of your interview.
  • Once you’ve got this covered ask the interviewee to share the interview on social media
  • And finish off by telling your interviewee that as a result of being interviewed, they’ll get a free business profile page that they can advertise their deals, coupons, sales, and specials on.
  • Your goal here is to not coach them on how to upload it, but rather grab the details of the deal and then send it to our team ( 
  • This way you can spend your time focusing on building more relationships and know that the IT stuff is taken care of for you and the business owner!
  • For a script of how to introduce the business page and how to ask them to put up a deal, check out this article.

Step 5: Interview Referrals

  • End your time with them by asking if they know anyone else that you should interview next
  • This is the perfect way to end your interview process and gives the interviewee an opportunity to share the process with a friend, family member, or business neighbor!