How to Plan and Prepare for an Interview

This is a step by step guide on how to prepare for an interview.

It is essential that you prepare for your interview, this will help both you and the interviewee feel confident and look professional.


Research The Interviewee

  • Take the time to look at their social media accounts and website
  • If they highlight any achievements, special events, qualifications or great reviews, use this information to form insightful questions 
  • The contact information you find can be added to your interview draft, this will make posting the interview time efficient. It also prevents wasting interview questions on information people can easily find themselves

Email The Questions Ahead of Time

  • Send an email with the 5-10 questions you intend to ask
  • Include key details of the interview: the time frame for the interview, date and location

Send a Reminder

  • If you have their cell phone number, send a text reminder the day before the interview
  • Texts are great for relationship building and useful for follow ups after the interview
  • An example you can use is: 'Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at (location). I will be there at (insert time). I'm going to grab a coffee on the way, how do you take yours?' 
  • If you cannot text, send an email

Create an Introduction To the Interview

  • Your introduction should reflect your research, it should be high energy, complimentary and informative. This will impress the interviewee and make them feel great, it also removes the need to ask simple questions during the interview
  • Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of (tag line) this is (your name) on today's show we have the pleasure of learning and getting to know (interviewee's name). They are (position) in the (type) industry. (Add something about their achievements or what they specialize in). Let's get excited to get to know (interviewee's name). Thank you (interviewee's name) for being on the show today
  • Click here for an example of a great interview introduction
  • For more tips on how to create an Intro for the Interview, Click here

Check You Have The Equipment You Need

  • For written interviews: ensure you have written out the questions you are going to ask, a notepad, pens, a charged smart phone/camera to take photographs
  • For video interviews: ensure you have enough storage on your smart phone/camera, a tri-pod or selfie stick and a mic 
  • Ensure to do a sound check before recording, this will allow you to assess the background noise. Also check that the lighting is good for filming and photographs
  • Click here for a recommended equipment list for video interviews

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