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Recommended Equipment to use with a Smartphone

So you have a smartphone, but you’re not sure what equipment to use. Not a problem! This article will give you options on what kind of equipment you need to start your interviews. We’ll also give you a little advice on how to set up for shooting.

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This tripod has an all in one selfie stick and tripod. It can also extend to 51 inches in height. It is bluetooth compatible, and even comes with a remote.


This is an adjustable tripod. Its flexible legs allow for easy positioning. It can support smartphones or DSLRs.



Acuvar is an affordable option for tripods. It can extend to 50 inches. It also has a 3-way panhead with tilt motion.

For good audio, we recommend the following equipment:

Warmray 2 Pack Lavalier Microphone

With 2 lapel microphone sets, you get clear sound and don’t need to move one mic from speaker to speaker. No more static and buzz, Warmray Lapel Mic dual sets give your videos amazing voice clarity. 


Saramonic SR-C2002 3.5mm TRRS to Lightning Adapter Cable, 

If your phone does not have a headphone jack, use this adapter cable to connect the mic to your phone. The Saramonic SR-C2002 cable has been specifically created for microphones and delivers high-quality sound to your devices.


Lastly, here’s an option to better the lighting when you’re filming on a smartphone:

Selfie Ring Light

By attaching this around your phone’s front facing camera, you immediately create better lighting for your video.