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DIRECT MESSAGING (DM'ing) Strategy for Real Estate Agents & Scripts!


Hey Local Leader®!

You’re here because you understand the value of creating professional and informative videos.

You know that if you create more great videos, you will gain more Real Estate clients.

Let’s talk about direct messaging… or “DMing” for short.

These strategies apply to both Facebook and Instagram and are integral in turning viewers into
clients. So where do we start? Someone will like, comment on, or share your video. Click on their
profile to find out a couple of key details.

Step One: Profile Scan - Who are they?

When scanning their profile, find one or two talking points. Do they have photos with kids or pets?
Is their career listed? Have they recently shared something that you can relate to? Make yourself
a note, and then click to send them a message.

Step Two: Personalized Greeting - Gratitude, Acknowledgement, and Curiosity

Your first message is an important one. You only get one shot to open up a conversation with
someone new, one first impression. Make it count! You want to cover three main points in this
initial message and keep it short. No more than a few lines. We’re not trying to get a referral from
them right out the gate! It’s about opening up a dialogue.

Start by thanking them for interacting with your content. Use their name, personalization goes a
long way. Acknowledge their interaction (ex. “I completely agree with your comment about X”, or
“It means a lot that checked out my video”), and end with a simple question to prompt a
response like asking if they live in the area.

Step Three: How Can You Help Them - Build Value, Trust, and Reputation 

Continue the conversation using a few of the points you gleaned from their profile. When
in doubt on how to keep a conversation going, use relatable topics like family, recreation,
occupation, or goals.

The intention is to find ways that you can provide value and help them solve upcoming
problems. The more people you refer to others, the more others will refer people to you.

What is their biggest challenge right now? Who can you connect them with to help with an
upcoming project? How can you be of service to them?

Step Four: The Big Ask - Strong Call to Action

After you’ve spent some time building rapport with them and helping them solve
problems, it’s natural for them to ask how they can help you. Remember, the best way to
ask for referrals isn’t just to ask them to refer you in the future. You want to identify where
you stand with them. Unpack who they would send someone to if a friend or family
member needed a Real Estate Agent.

Being direct about asking who they would call if someone in their sphere needed an agent
will give you clarity on next steps. No matter what they say, it’s vital to react positively. If
they say someone else’s name, say something positive about that agent and ask how
they know each other. This is a great opportunity to find out what they like about the other

If they don’t know, ask them what it would take for you to be their go-to Real Estate Agent.
And if they say you, this is a high-quality contact to ensure you’re staying in touch with. Set
up a follow up plan and move forward.

Extra Tips:

  • Don’t send more than 10 ‘cold’ messages per hour or you may be temporarily blocked
    from sending messages for a short period of time. Cold messages mean messaging
    people you haven’t messaged before.
  • Try to respond quickly, if possible. Long response times will make it challenging to keep
    the conversation flowing.
  • Be genuine. People can tell a fake from a mile away, be authentic in your conversations.
  • If a business or professional is interacting with your content, be sure to like and follow
    them back.

Why do these strategies work?

We all know that people will work with an agent that they know, like, and trust. The
law of reciprocity shows us that if you provide value and solve problems for those
around you, they will want to help you, too. If you refer professionals to others,
they will naturally want to refer prospective buyers, sellers, and investors to you.

Social media platforms will also prioritize your video content to viewers you’ve
interacted with. If you’re messaging and following members of your community,
they’re likelier to see more of your videos in the future. This is a great way to stay
top of mind and ensure they keep your name handy whenever someone in their
circle needs you. So, don’t be shy! Let’s slide into those DMs!