Who To Interview: Businesses Open VS Closed during COVID-19

Who To Interview: Businesses Open VS Closed during COVID-19

In light of our current climate, now more than ever, small businesses need the support of their communities. This is the time to truly be an advocate for your community by connecting with local businesses and giving them a platform to promote their offerings. This helps to ensure their neighbors keep supporting them in these uncertain times.

Here's a general idea of what kind of businesses are open, open with limitations, or closed during social distancing.

Businesses that remain open:

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores are basically open and fully functioning. In times like these, we want to be promoting small grocers, fruit markets, and family owned convenience stores. It's easy to order food online or from big box stores, but small locally owned companies need our business to ensure they can keep their staff working and their bills paid.

Businesses that remain open but with limitations:

Restaurants and local breweries or wineries are often still open. Although dining in is no longer an option, most are offering takeout (often including curbside pickup) and delivery options. 

Other small clothing, book, or gift shops are offering delivery for the first time ever! Instead of hopping online and ordering from a large global business, first be sure to check out your local used book shop, favourite clothing store, or cosmetic supply shop. Many small business owners are out in their cars doing deliveries personally to ensure their customers can still support their local favourites.

Many industries that are normally face to face including  fitness classes, yoga studios, and therapists of all kinds are offering virtual options. With classes or courses being offered online, often discounted, this is a great opportunity to try something new, and keep both your mind and body active while isolating.

Businesses that are closed:

Any businesses that require face to face contact to work will be completely shut down, things like tattoo artists, massage therapists, or hair stylists. Find out if these businesses offer online gift cards or certificate, as this can help them maintain cashflow in the interim before their clients are able to come back and see them once we're in the clear.

So who should you be reaching out to to interview virtually? Simple answer... as many local businesses as you can. There are so many positives we can take from times like this, and once the world returns back to a clearer version of normal, these businesses will remember who stood up to help fight for them in these darker times... their Local Leader.

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