Where Does The News On My Page Come From?

As you probably know, our system aggregates content from various sources across the internet. Upon your site's creation, our Research Team looks into finding local News sources for your area and adds them to our system. These sources will be in the form of Twitter feeds and RSS feeds. So if a news source has any of these pages, we can add that page to our database and from there, anything posted on these pages will be pulled to your Parkbench sites.

For example, let’s look at the News source, The Star. Their website is https://www.thestar.com/. We cannot add this URL to our system but if you look on their website, they have links to their Twitter, and RSS Feed.

We would then take one of these pages and have that added to our database. Once connected, any posts that get added to the connected page will be pulled by our system and posted on your Parkbench site. 

If you have a news source that you feel would benefit your Neighborhood site, feel free to send the link to and we can check if it can be added to our database!

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