What is Retargeting?

What is Retargeting? Explanation on retargeting and what we do with your information and database.

Have you ever been browsing a product on Amazon then left the page. But then suddenly started seeing ads for that product appear on your Facebook pages or beside your Google searches?

This is retargeting. When you visited the page on Amazon, they had a retargeting pixel tag you. This pixel is connected to the product you were looking at. Once tagged, you will start seeing Google ads for this product while you browse the internet, even if you are not actually looking at the product anymore. This retargetting is also available for your Parkbench sites.

If you have retargeting with us, you will have received an email from us requesting your information and a csv file of your database. Our Marketing team then creates you an ad for your Parkbench page using the information provided. They will create and embed a retargeting pixel on to your Parkbench sites so that anyone who visits your page will get tagged. Once tagged, they will then start to see ads with your contact info and links to your Parkbench page.

These ads will not start appearing until 100 people have been tagged. That means, 100 people have visited your Parkbench site. Your database is used to circumvent this. If you provide us with your database for the retargeting campaign, this file is uploaded into our retargeting system and the system tags the email addresses. So the contacts in your database will start seeing your ads. The file should be in the form of a csv file containing three columns. First column for their first name, second column for their last name and the third for their Email address. 

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