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How to do a Video Interview: Prospect Interviewing So, you’re thinking of doing video interviews, AWESOME! Video content is an amazing way to create engaging content that is easily consumable by online users. Also, business owners and interviewees love having a video that highlights them and their story. Video content is a great way to add value to your interviewees, and have a really fun time doing so!  
In order to easily create video interviews, you must take into account many different things. That being said, when you have all your ducks in a row, you’ll be able to knock videos out of the park!  
Important Aspects 

  1. Establish what type of video you are going to be creating 
  2. Know what you want to film and the shots you need to get 
  3. Ensure that your interviewee is aware of your video creation 
  4. Have a backup plan 
  5. Have your YouTube channel set up 
  6. Have all your video equipment ready 
  7. Have fun!  

IMPORTANT: ● Please refer to our Video Training Playlist here for an in-depth training and analysis of producing video content
If you are wanting some examples of different video interviews, make sure to reach out to your Success Coach or

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