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Tripod Recommendations [Interview Equipment]

Not sure where to put your phone when filming? Don’t worry! This article provides our top 5 Tripods for creating video content.

A tripod is one of the first things you want to invest in. Aside from bad audio quality and poor lighting, a shaky shot or the wrong angle can ruin a video.

Before buying a tripod, here are the things to consider:

Gimbal vs Tripod?


The key difference between a gimbal and a tripod is the ability to capture steady handheld shots. Gimbals (also called stabilizers) are designed to do exactly that, whereas tripods are designed for stable, fixed shots.

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We recommend the following tripods:

UBeesize Selfie Stick / Tripod with Bluetooth Remote - $


Stabilize your videos with this affordable tripod//selfie stick combo. When standing, you can extend the tripod up to 51” tall. In selfie stick mode, it’s extendable up to 19”. It also comes with a bluetooth remote shutter, so you can take photos and videos while you’re already in frame.

UBeesize Selfie Stick Tripod - Amazon - USA

UBeesize Selfie Stick Tripod - Amazon - Canada


AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod - $


This simple tripod is perfect for use with DSLR cameras. If you purchase an adapter mount, you’ll be able to use this with any smartphone as well.

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod 50" - Amazon - USA

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod 50" - Amazon - Canada


Ubeesize Phone Tripod Stand - $


Compact, lightweight and convenient, this flexible tripod stand is a great choice to use with your smartphone. It stands about 10” tall. The bendable tripod legs make it easy to set up your camera anywhere, perfect for quick shoots.

UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand - Amazon - USA

UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand - Amazon - Canada


For dynamic handheld shots, we recommend the following Smartphone Gimbals:

Qimic Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones - $$


For handheld and on-the-go videos, this very affordable stabilizer is perfect to have in your kit. It’s a gimbal, small tripod and selfie stick all in one, and also folds down to a super compact size for easy travel.

Qimic Gimbal Stabilizer - Amazon - USA

Qimic Gimbal Stabilizer - Amazon - Canada

DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal - $$$


This is a professional-grade handheld stabilizer for smartphones with advanced features and top-of-the-line motion and stabilization capabilities. If you’re someone who can’t get enough of a good handheld shot, this is the perfect gimbal for you.

DJI OM5 Smartphone Stabilizer - USA

DJI OM5 Smartphone Stabilizer - Canada



Complete your kit:

Want to round out the production value of your video content? We suggest investing in a quality microphone, and lighting! Check out our list of the top 4 microphones, and the top 4 options for lighting for filming interviews.

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