The Free Coffee Campaign

This is an amazing advanced follow-up strategy most commonly known as the Free Coffee Campaign. 

This is an amazing advanced follow-up strategy most commonly known as the Free Coffee Campaign. 

Learn more about the campaign by watching the video below:


You can find the Free Coffee Campaign templates HERE
 This campaign works really well with cheap items for sale (coffee, cookies, chocolates, cheap electronics)
The premise of this campaign is:
  • To make it easy for businesses to put up deals
  • To make it easy for businesses to promote their profile
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Makes Users want to go to the site
  • Makes Users want to sign up
  • Makes Users want to write a review
  • Promotes engagement on your site.

It will give Users a Free item for a review of the business on Parkbench:

Steps To Conduct:

1. Interview a local business
2. Introduce the campaign after the interview:

"Hey I've got another campaign to help you make money, boost your SEO and help you get more customers to come back. Are you open to it?

Im going to buy 50 of these (coffees, chocolates, charger cords, other cheap item). I'm going to pre-buy them. And I'm going to help you offer a reward for a review on Parkbench! So we can put up a review coupon on my Parkbench site, and if they leave you a review, you can offer them this free item that I have already prepaid for!
Parkbench has review cards that we can design just for this deal and provide you, so you can provide them to your customers to promote this deal and drive customers here!

When we do this:
  • You are going to make some money right now when I purchase these prepaid items.
  • Get a lot of customers to go to your online profile to write a review to get this coupon.
  • They will come back to the store to use this coupon and maybe even spend some more money for other things
  •  This will boost your online presence and SEO."

If they agree:

1. Purchase the prepaid items. 

  • Make sure it is a cheap, affordable item.

The amount you pay is up to you. For example, if they have $1 coffee, you can pay $100 for 100 prepaid coffees.

2. Post the Review Coupon on your Parkbench Site when you post their Interview

3. Use our Free Coffee Campaign template.

  • add deal information
  • add link to the business page

4. Print out the materials

5. Provide printed materials for business to give to Customers