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The 7 Biggest Mistakes When Creating Video Content [And How To Fix Them!]

Whether you’re a seasoned video veteran or you’ve yet to film your first video, there are common mistakes that all content creators can be guilty of. We’ve compiled the top 7 and how to fix them! Check out the full list below:

1. Not using a Lav Microphone to capture audio.

This is a significant problem as it lesses the production value of the video instantly. Even more than using a poor quality camera. Your audience will still watch a video that isn’t High Definition. But if there is distracting background noise or the video is difficult to hear, they’re turning it off 9 times out of 10. Our suggested equipment can be found here.

2. Not introducing the value within the video early on.

This is a major fault in video creation as viewers are forced to watch the entire interview or video to discover if the information is relevant to them. You should start every single video that you do with some sort of “hook” that gives the audience an overview of the information included within the video. The best way to identify what the hook of this interview will be, is to have effectively planned out your questions and discussed them with the interviewee before pressing record.

3. Using low resolution photos and videos within your content

Whether its low resolution throughout the video, or small segments within it, using low resolution media will make your videos look less professional. You should only include images and video that are high resolution, and match the aspect ratio of the content that you’re creating.

4. Shaky or unstable footage

All content creators should use a tripod when shooting static shots and a gimbal when filming movement. These two tools will make getting professional looking shots easy. Our suggested equipment can be found here.

5. Compositional Problems

Many times content creators are positioning themselves too low in the frame and this makes them look unprofessional and even a little awkward. This is usually because they are not using a full length tripod or because they are trying to include an element in the background, like the business’ sign. It is much more effective to compose the shot effectively, then add in additional footage or images to your video content later. This means that you get a better shot, and can incorporate high resolution images or B-Roll footage that is specific to what you are wanting to capture.

6. Environmental Problems

Environmental problems range significantly from filming in a location with not enough light to filming in a location that is just too loud. All content creators should be looking for environments that are well lit, quiet, and away from corners and walls. Using a Lav Microphone will mitigate some audio problems but not all of them. You still need to make sure you are in a quiet space. The same goes for lighting. One low powered ring light can only light so much space. You need to make sure that your filming locations have a reasonable amount of ambient light to begin with. 

7. Different music and introductions. 

Creating consistency throughout the videos can be greatly improved if you use the SAME music and intro (and outro!) for ALL of your videos. Now, you are free to make a change whenever you wish. However, if you do, keep it consistent across all future videos that you’re creating. Your intro and outro (and the music) contributes to the identity of what you are doing, your brand, and your message in your community (both in-person and online!).