The “Thank You” Campaign

This is a simple follow up strategy that is built off of gratitude and appreciation of others. This
provides you with the opportunity to engage your database and provide the context for a future

The premise of the campaign is to:

‣ Thank the people you meet.
‣ Thank the people you interview.
‣ Thank business owners who participate on the website.
‣ Show appreciation and gratitude to interviewees, friends, fans, followers.
‣ Start a conversation with the person. Get them to respond. Keep Dialogue going.

Methods that you can use:

‣ Text
‣ Social Media DM
‣ Hand Written Note
‣ Email

Who to follow up with:

‣ People you interviewed
‣ Businesses who put deals, sales, and specials
‣ People who liked, commented, and shared your interview or any social media posts
‣ Past Clients
‣ Friends, Family
‣ People who have referred you business
‣ People who you work with, and refer business too
‣ Someone who has given you amazing service

Example Scripts:

‣ “Hi NAME, I just want to say THANK YOU for participating in this local initiative, being
interviewed, and helping others get to know you!”
‣ “Hi NAME, I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to help everyone in the
community get to know you and your business!”
‣ “Hi NAME, I just want to say THANK YOU for offering amazing incentives for local
consumers to try you out, as well as rewards for your customers to write a review and
educate others about your business!”
‣ “Hey NAME, (MY NAME HERE) here. I just wanted to reach out to see if you’re doing
okay? I know that there is a lot going on right now so if there is anything that I can do for
you, please do let me know.”
‣ “Hey NAME - this is (FIRST AND LAST NAME). I figured that I would reach out to ask how
you’re doing? Things are a little crazy right now, that’s for sure! I’ve found that my business
is really busy right now! I wanted to ask how yours is doing. If you need anything, make
sure to let me know.

After they respond:

‣ “Hey, do you want to be interviewed?”
‣ “Hey, do you want the newsletter?”
‣ A Conversation Starter

    • “What in the world can I do for you?”
    • “Are you doing OK?”
    • “How are you doing?”

Following Up

‣ Top performers in Real Estate will follow up with their database anywhere from 4 (minimum)
to 12 (maximum) times a year

    • Once per quarter (4)
    • Once per month (12)

‣ If your database is 1000 - 2000 people, these numbers may be reduced, simply due to the
size of your sphere and the time required to follow up with them all.

The Strategy - How often to follow up/How many follow-ups per day

  1. (A) Identify the number of people in your database
  2. (B) Identify the number of times you would like to follow up with each person in your
    database (on average) across the full year
  3. (C) Calculate the number of weeks you work in a year (remove holidays, vacations, time
    with family)
  4. (D) Select the number of days, per week, that you will be following up with your sphere on
    e.g. 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Once you have the numbers above, put them into this equation:

Number of reach outs you MUST DO per day to achieve your goal.

This will reveal the number of follow-ups you MUST DO per day, to achieve your goal

Example: 400 X 5 / 48 / 5 = 8.3 Reach outs per day to people in my database to achieve my