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Posting Your Interviews On Reddit

Posting Your Interviews On Reddit Ready to post an interview to Reddit for the first time? Check out this video & things to think about on how to do so!

Posting Interviews on Reddit

As you are most likely now aware, Reddit is a very deep platform. There is a subreddit for almost anything. Whether it's something so simplistic like 'explain like I'm five ', or something useful like 'lifehacks ', Reddit is a platform is everyone. 

So, when attempting to figure out where to post your interviews on Reddit, just keep it simple! The nice thing about Reddit being so broad yet simultaneously inclusive, is that you have the ability to post your interviews into so many different subreddits.

Think about this:

  • You have an interview with the owner of a local craft beer brewery
  • And you're about to post the interview into the subreddit for your geographic area (reddit.com/r/toronto - for example)
  • You then post it! And now you're thinking; "I'm done! It's posted to Reddit, yes!"
  • But wait
  • Because you have this awesome piece of content about the owner of a brewery, why not let beer fans know about his awesome establishment in reddit.com/r/beer 
  • See what we did there? Yea, you get it :)