Parkbench Contact Information

Ever wonder who to reach out to for help with Parkbench? Read this article to learn about our team, who does what and how to reach them!

Onboarding Specialist - Amer Bhatti

After signing up with us, your first call with our Client Success team will be your Onboarding call with our Onboarding Specialist, Amer. The Onboarding call will introduce you to your website and will teach you the basic functions of the website.
You can read more about the Onboarding Sessions HERE

Amer will be there at the beginning of your term to help you with any questions you have getting started with the platform. So don't hesitate to reach out to him at if you have any questions or run into any difficulties getting started!

You can also click here to book in a call with Amer for any help getting started!

Live Trainers - Salvador Escobar & Alonso Kantun

Following your Onboarding call, you will have training sessions with our Live Trainers. The sessions are one-on-one Zoom calls and cover all the basics you will need to know to get started with the Prospect Interview System. From booking, to conducting, all the way to posting the interview, we have you covered!
If you ever need any assistance with the Interview process and would like some one-on-one coaching, reach out to them and they will get you on the right track!

You can book in a session with our Live Trainers here!

Parkbench Success Coach - Kayla Oakley & Ryan Formosa

Upon signing up with Parkbench, you will be assigned a dedicated Success Coach to help you develop strategies and keep you accountable so that you can be successful on the platform! Your Success Coach will be available to help you develop long term strategies, overcome roadblocks or assist you with any questions or concerns you encounter when working the Parkbench system. While the Live Trainers are there to help you form a foundation to get started, your Success Coach is there to coach you to get to that next level. This can include calls regarding time blocking, overcoming challenges, success tracking, and everything in between regarding the process.
Reach out to them if you ever feel stuck, need any advice on the platform or just need some motivation to keep going!

You will be introduced to the Success Coach assigned to you after your Onboarding call in a connecting email so feel free to reach out to them by email if you ever need anything.
But you can also use the links below to book in a call with your assigned coach (please ensure that you are booking in the call with the correct Coach assigned to you):

Book in a call with Ryan Here

Book in a call with Kayla Here

Parkbench Support Team

For all technical issues related to the website, general inquiries or if you ever are unsure about anything at all, our Support team is there to assist you!

Do you have questions about how to do something on the website? Go to Support!

Encountered a bug or technical issue? Go to Support!

Have questions that you want answered but don't know who to ask? Go to Support!!

If you are ever in doubt about who to contact or what to do next, our Support team will be able to help you directly or connect you with the appropriate parties. So do not hesitate to reach out to them if you ever need anything at all!

The Support team can be reached by:

Email at

Phone at 1-866-721-3807

The Live Chat bubble, found in the bottom right corner of the Parkbench website