Optimal Times to Call Businesses to Book Interviews

Engagement metrics are the best metrics


Small Business Service Providers (dog walkers, trainer, musicians)

  • Very receptive to interviews
  • Cannot answer phone if they are working, you can usually call anytime in the afternoon

Contractor (reno companies, roofers, landscapers, etc)

  • Less receptive to an interview if there is no prior relationship, they are solicited constantly
  • Unlikely to answer phone if they are working

Professional Service Providers (dentists, optometrists, lawyers, etc)

  • Receptive to interviews
  • It is very likely that you will only be able to speak to the receptionist on first call, so make sure to leave a message and nail down a time to call back


  • Receptive to interviews

Night Venues (bars, lounges, clubs)

  • Very receptive to interviews
  • Call before dinner, or about 20-30 minutes before they open

Small Business Storefronts (barbers, ice cream shops, boutique stores, etc)

  • Receptive to Interviews
  • Most likely to speak to a potential interviewee on your first call, call whenever they’re open

Fitness (Gyms, Crossfit, Yoga)

  • Very Receptive to interviews
  • Since gyms open early in the morning, you can call them at any point in the day