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Microphone Recommendations [Interview Equipment]

Struggling with poor audio quality? Don’t worry! This article provides our top 5 Microphones for creating video content.

Microphones are one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll want in your kit, and thankfully the cost to upgrade is affordable.

Before buying a microphone, here are the things to consider:

Wired or wireless?

The main difference you’ll notice when shopping for microphones is that some are wired, and some are wireless. It all comes down to personal preference, but your needs and the type of phone/camera you’re shooting with will also impact your decision.

This post contains affiliate links. If you use the links provided to purchase these items, Parkbench may earn affiliate commission.

For great audio, we recommend the following Microphones:

PowerDeWise Dual Microphone Set for Interviews - $$

This microphone kit comes with everything you need to achieve professional audio for your video interviews. It includes two lavalier microphones that clip onto your shirt collar, two 2-meter long extension cords, a Y-Splitter to connect both microphones into one recording device, an adapter cable for plugging it into your computer, wind muffs, and a carrying case.

PowerDeWise Lapel Micro Kit - Amazon - USA

PowerDeWise Lapel Micro Kit - Amazon - Canada

RODE Professional Lavalier Microphone (Wired) - $$$

For an upgraded lavalier microphone that won’t break the bank, the Rode Lavalier GO is the perfect choice.

Rode Lavalier GO - Amazon - USA

Rode Lavalier GO - Amazon - Canada




RODE Wireless GO II Dual Channel System - $$$

Arguably the best wireless microphones on the market today, the Rode Wireless GO II is an excellent upgrade for those who need wireless connections, but don’t want to sacrifice on sound quality. Its dual channel system allows for customizable recording settings, such as Stereo and Mono modes.

Rode Wireless GO II - Amazon - USA

Rode Wireless GO II - Amazon - Canada


Leereel Plug-Play Lapel Mic

 This dual wireless lav mics system includes 2 transmitters and 1 receiver, not only can use a single microphone to record, but also allowing two sound sources simultaneously recording during the live stream. It is very easy to use, just clip the wireless microphones to your collar and plug the receiver into your Lightening port devices, they will automatically connect quickly. Don't need APP or Bluetooth, just plug and play directly.

Leereel Plug-Play Lapel Mic - USA

Goojodoq Wireless Lavalier Microphone-Plug & Play Lapel Mic

The Goojodoq wireless lavalier microphoneis deisgned to be compact and won't take up much room or add too much weight to you when carrying around. The Mini Clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar or pocket. And the USB-C connector makes it the perfect mic for many Android devices in today's market!

Goojodoq Wireless Lavalier Microphone-Plug & Play Lapel Mic - USA


Warmray 2 Pack Lavalier Microphone

With 2 lapel microphone sets, you get clear sound and don’t need to move one mic from speaker to speaker. No more static and buzz, Warmray Lapel Mic dual sets give your videos amazing voice clarity. 


We recommend the following adapters:

If you plan on shooting videos using a smartphone, unless your phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you will need an adapter cable to use any wired microphone connection.

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter - $


This cable is necessary for iPhone users to be able to connect a wired microphone to your phone for easy recording.

Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter - Amazon - USA

Lightning to 3.5mm - Amazon - Canada



LecLooc USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter - $

This cable is necessary for new phones that don’t have a headphone jack. It plugs right into your charging port and allows for easy recording with your wired microphones.

USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter - Amazon - USA

USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter - Amazon - Canada



Anker USB-C to Lightning Adapter (Audio Only) - $

This cable is for those with new phones that don’t have headphone jacks. It will allow you to plug a lightning connector (wireless mic receiver above) into your phone’s USB-C charging port. Note: it does not support charging, audio-only.

Lightning to USB-C (Audio Only) - Amazon - USA

Lightning to USB-C (Audio Only) - Amazon - Canada


Complete your kit:

Want to ensure you’re capturing videos of the highest quality? We suggest investing in both lighting and a tripod! Check out our lists of the top 4 options for video lighting, and the top 5 tripods & stabilizers for filming interviews.

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