Max Deals Marketing Strategy For Local Leaders®

Here's a fantastic Marketing Campaign that will help you build relationships with the business owners, help them make money, help them save money, and help you get traffic to the site.

This is what we call the Max Deals campaign! Learn more about the campaign by watching the video below:


You can find the Max Deals flyer templates HERE

The premise of the campaign is to:

  • Build relationships
  • Help businesses make money
  • Help businesses save money
  • Help you get traffic to the site.

There are so many companies advertising their deals, sales and specials in print materials. As a leader in your community, you should have a flyer where you have businesses that are offering deals showcased in one place!

Steps to Conduct:

Reach out to a business in your community. If you can interview them first, the better!

Here is a guide on how to book interviews

Ask them:

"Do you want to offer a deal for your customers? We will create an account for you on our community website, and you can put this deal up on the site. This is completely free!"

Collect their:

  • business name
  • business logo
  • address
  • deal details
  • expiry date

If you can find their image and logo on the spot, this will save them time. Even if they aren't ready to put up a deal yet, you can still set up their business page and profile.

Click Here for a step by step guide on how to set up their business page.

(note, this is not necessary if you have interviewed the business, as our system creates the business page for the business)

It is best if you can get it all done on the same meeting. But if they are not able to provide you the deal during that meeting, you can give them a time window on when you would like them to submit their deal to be included in the flyer.

If you are providing it to them for free, you are in control of the schedule.

Do this for a few businesses. Get as many as you can get!

Once you have a few deals:

You can do the Max Deals Campaign once a month.

This will help you get out in the public and give your community an item of value.

If Users want the deal, they have to go to your site and sign up.

It also gives you a reason to start conversation with the businesses in your area and provides value to the business!