Marketing Material Templates

As part of your Parkbench subscription, we have marketing material templates that you can use to better promote your site. 

You can customize and edit the templates on Canva to include your information. The templates for Canva can be found here:

1. Local Leader Card - Local Leader - Canva Template
2. Rewards Card -  Rewards - Canva Template
3. Thank You Card -  Thank You - Canva Template
4. Social Media Posts - Social - Canva Template
5. Business Flyer - Business - Canva Template 
Learn how to maximize your exposure, impact, and relationships from print marketing with these two campaigns:

Free Coffee Campaign - (Free Coffee Campaign - Canva Template)

Below you can find a list of the different templates that are available to you:

Business Flyers

  • When you meet with a business owner you can print this out and bring it with you to the interview. 
  • This explains all the value they get from the business profile because of you. 

Local Leader Business cards

  • An alternative to your real estate business cards
  • This is less intimidating and “Salesy” - you’re more likely to have them call you back!

Thank you cards 

  • These are a great way to strengthen the relationship that you have built with a handwritten note that promotes your site. 
  • Give these to your interviewees, as a thank you for their time. 

Review Cards

  • These help turn business owners into your brand ambassadors by having them instruct their customers to go to their business profile page on your Parkbench site. 
  • Businesses can offer a coupon where if a user leaves them a review, they are able to get a deal for FREE!
  • The more reviews on your parkbench site the better for your ranking online.
  • Provide these customized cards to business owners and instruct them to hand these out and direct people to their Parkbench Business Profile Page on your site.

To have any of the templates sent to you, reach out to

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