Coaching Resources

In November Parkbench is launching a brand new online learning resource called the Local Leader Masterclass!

For the final week of October, coaching can be accessed directly on YouTube via our recording playlist (full playlist here). For ease of access, each session is linked below.

Fundamentals Coaching Sessions

  1. Fundamentals Session 1: How To Book An Interview
  2. Fundamentals Session 2: How To Conduct An Interview
  3. Fundamentals Session 3: What To Do After The Interview
  4. Fundamentals Session 4: Website Functionality

"Getting Things Done" Coaching Sessions

  1. GTD: How To Create A List Of People To Interview
  2. GTD: How To Plan And Prepare For Your Interview
  3. GTD: Social Media Content Calendars And Using Live Video

Advanced Coaching Sessions

  1. Advanced Follow-Up: The Thank You Campaign
  2. Advanced Follow-Up: How To Survey Your Database
  3. Advanced Follow-Up: How To Execute The Free Coffee Campaign
  4. Skills: Advanced Interview Breakdown
  5. Skills: Social Media Marketing (What You Can Do With One Interview)
  6. Skills: iMovie Video Editing Tutorial
  7. Skills: FilmoraX Video Editing Tutorial