How To Use The Parkbench Lead List and Interview Booking Tracker

Here is a simple tool to record professionals, influencers and members of your community and track optimal ways of booking interviews with them. Please email for a blank Lead List and Interview Booking Tracker. 

If you already use a CRM, you most likely have the ability to integrate this tracker right into your CRM for easy use. If you are not using a CRM, don’t worry! The interview booking tracker is the perfect first tool to use to manage your prospecting, and analyze the methods that work best for you.

You should interview as many people as you can, regardless of their profession (business owner, entrepreneur, community resident, etc.) as at some point everyone has real estate needs. Therefore, this tracker should be used for not just interviewees, but anyone you want to start a relationship with.

The Lead List and Interview booking tracker is a Google document. If you have a Google account; add this tracker as a Google Sheet into your Google Drive app on your smartphone so that you can edit and update the tracker on the go

 Contact Information

The first third of the document focuses on recording basic contact information for your interviewees (first name, last name, business name, industry, phone number and email).

You may not always be able to find the contact information for every field, do not let this deter you from adding them to your lead list and booking an interview with this person. You can edit and add information at a later time.

Tracking Your Reach Out

The second third of the tracker focuses on recording the way you have reached out to business owners. There are several different ways you can connect with business owners (face to face, phone, email, social media). Remember we all have our own preferred method of communication, if they don't respond to one way, try another!
Track each column you complete by marking it with 1.

You may connect with someone who is unable to make the decision on behalf of the business, in this case make sure you  ask for a date and time that would be best to connect with the decision maker and add this information to your tracker. 

Results Tracking

The final third of the tracker displays results and key information about where and when the interview is taking place.

Another great feature of the tracker is it allows you to analyze your success rate when booking interviews and the interview booking method that works best for you. Make sure you review the Ratios and Totals rows at the top of the tracker.