How To Use The Parkbench Lead List and Interview Booking Tracker

The first thing that you’ll need to do when planning out your interview strategy is creating a lead list. This is your list of prospective interviewees that you want to connect with.

As a Local Leader, you should interview as many people as you can, regardless of their profession (be it a business owner, entrepreneur, or a resident.) as each person in your community will either have real estate needs of their own or could refer you to someone that does.

Parkbench’s team has a simple tracker that you can use to organize this list. This tracker is the perfect first tool to use to manage your prospecting and analyze the interview booking methods that are most effective for you.

Click Here For the Lead List and Interview Booking Tracker

For ease of use, the tracker is a Google Spreadsheet, so if you have a Google account; add this tracker as a Google Sheet into your Google Drive app on your smartphone so that you can edit and update the tracker on the go!

Contact Information

The tracker is divided into thirds. The first third of the document focuses on recording basic contact information for your interviewees (first name, last name, business name, industry, phone number, and email). Feel free to add additional columns to incorporate social media or any other fields that you find relevant in your interview booking process.

Tracking Your Reach Out

The second third of the tracker is where you can record the way you have reached out to business owners. Begin by adding the date you’ve reached out to your prospect. Next, add are the mediums that you are reaching out through (e.g. face to face, phone, email, social media). Remember we all have our own preferred method of communication, if they don't respond to one method, try another! Track each column you complete by marking it with 1.

This will also track the percentage of reach-outs on each different medium. This way you can see where you’ve been putting in the most effort, and the results you are getting from it. You also want to track whether or not you connected with the decision-maker and the medium that resulted in that connection e.g. Facebook. Lastly, add in any times and dates where you need to follow up. 

Results Tracking

The final third of the tracker displays results and key information about where and when the interview is taking place. Add if the interview was booked, the interview’s date, time, and location, as well as any notes from your conversations (whether the interview was booked or not). 

Click Here for the Lead List and Interview Booking Tracker