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How to Use the Parkbench Interview Booking Tracker

How to Use the Parkbench Interview Booking Tracker, a simple yet effective addition to your prospecting action and analysis.

How to Use: Parkbench Interview Booking Tracker

The Parkbench Interview booking tracker is a very simple tool that gives you the ability to essentially track your success with booking interviews. 

If you already use a CRM, you most likely have the ability to integrate this tracker right into your CRM for easy use. If you are not using a CRM, don’t worry! The interview booking tracker is the perfect first tool to use to manage your prospecting, and analyze the methods that work best. 

Furthermore, just by looking at the tracker’s fields to report on, you will notice that you can also use this to manage your entire database and prospecting as well. Ideally, you would want to interview as many people as you can, regardless of their profession (business owner, entrepreneur, community resident, etc.). That is why this tracker should be used for not just interviewees, but anyone you want to start a relationship with.


  1. A good portion of the tracker should be reported on by using binary for easy analysis
  2. Columns that reflect an answer with only 2 possible outcomes (yes or no)

You will then be able to use filters to analyze which method of prospecting is working best

More Pro-Tips

  1. If you have a Google account; add this tracker as a Google Sheet into your Google Drive app on your smartphone so that you can edit and update the tracker on the go
  2. After a competitive analysis, you will be able to leverage the platform or medium that works best for your prospecting, and put more effort, time, and energy into that platform
  3. Integrate this into your CRM if you are using one

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