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How To Use the Briskine Templates: Email Templates for Gmail

Create custom & personalized templates

Do you find yourself writing the same answers to common questions? Templates allow you to answer common questions in just a second.

You can even use custom variables such as the recipient's first name to personalize your messages.

The Briskine extension is a great way to increase your productivity with templates and add keyboard shortcuts on Gmail and Outlook.

Email templates can help make your Parkbench processes simpler, by creating email templates such as:

  • Emails you send to book interviews
  • Emails you send to interviewees before the interview
  • Interview confirmation emails
  • Follow up email after the interview

Once you have templates set up in Briskine, you can simply add any template to an email you're writing by entering the shortcut you've chosen and hitting the 'tab' key. Follow these steps to start using Briskine Templates.

As soon as you download the extension, you'll see the Briskine Logo on the top right section of Google Chrome with your other extensions.

It will take you on a quick tour to teach you the basics, then you're ready to add your first template.

Clicking on New Template in the top left brings up this box.

Template names will help keep your templates organized. Develop a system that is easy to use and remember. 

Example: Using all lowercase letters and short words such as “deal”, “news”, “event”, etc. that represent the content of your email.

Clicking on 'Show more fields' at the bottom of the box pulls up further options:

Write emails faster! Increase your productivity with templates and keyboard shortcuts on Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn.

Briskine was previously known as Gorgias Templates.

Write emails faster with templates.

Create templates out of repetitive pieces of text. Insert them in your emails within seconds with shortcuts, and respond faster to your customers!

➤ Use for: Customer Support, Sales, Personal productivity

➤ Officially supported: Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fastmail, Yahoo Mail.

★ Keyboard shortcuts (or snippets)

You’re always ending your emails with “Kind regards, Ken”? With keyboard shortcuts, you can type ‘kr’ and then press the ‘TAB’ key and get the same result only faster!

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