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How to Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live can be a great way to promote your interviews, post real estate content, or post video blogs about your community.

You can start a Facebook Live video from either your personal page, your business page, or a group that you’re the admin for. We recommend posting from your business page, ensuring all your branding stays consistent. You’re able to share the video afterwards to both your personal page, and any groups you are a part of.

To film a live video, you can either use your laptop or your smartphone. We recommend using your smartphone, as the ‘selfie’ style video is used most often in these live videos, and gives you the versatility to move around in the video. You can then play around with filming in natural light, or even film it while you’re out and about. The intention of these videos is bite-sized, on-the-go content, which is easiest to do on your phone.

To film a live video on your phone, simply open your Business page on your Facebook App, navigate to where you would add a post, click Publish and choose Live Video at the bottom.

Here are some things to remember when preparing to film your live video.

  • Start by preparing a short paragraph about what you’re going to be discussing in your video. This text will show up under the video, and will give viewers an idea of your topic.
  • Ensure your phone is in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode so you aren’t interrupted with a phone call in the middle of your video.
  • Be aware of lighting, and choose a spot that has a lot of natural light if possible.
  • Check your appearance, make sure you’re happy with your look and don’t have any spinach in your teeth!
  • As soon as you hit Go Live… you’re live! Confidence and first impressions are important, so don’t forget to start with a big smile. Coffee beforehand also helps.
  • Have a list of short form points you want to cover to ensure you stay on track, and have an outro ready to end your video strong with a call to action to check out your Parkbench site. Don’t forget to include the URL!

You can use the Facebook Live feature to create a short video before or after your interviews to drum up some anticipation, or create blog content about what’s happening either in your community or in your real estate market. Have fun with these, it’s a great place for your personality to come across to help build stronger relationships in your community.