How To Refer A Friend to Parkbench

Do you know a friend or colleague who is looking to build their business through relationships and referrals?

If you know someone who you think would be a great fit for the Parkbench platform, take advantage of our referral incentive opportunities by connecting them to us. 

There are a few simple steps:

  1. Copy the email below
  2. Edit the information in bold highlighting the benefits of working with Parkbench
  3. cc Sales Operations Manager Tom Jones into your email:  

Hi (Name),

As you are considering the direction your marketing will take you in your business. I wanted to introduce you to a system I am using and that I think might be the perfect addition to your business!

Have you heard of Parkbench's Marketing System for realtors? Parkbench is a brand building tool that I use to build local relationships in (Area Name) as well as build my online presence as a community-minded realtor.

I love using Parkbench because: (Feel free to insert your own points)

Example 1 -  Auto aggregated local news/events/deals.  

Example 2 - They have 1-on-1 coaching/group coaching/webinars.

Example 3 -  It's a fun way to get me out in the community building new relationships everyday.

I think you should join the Parkbench Network and use their relationship based marketing system to grow your business because: (Feel free to insert your own points)

Example 1  - It will make you the Digital Mayor of you community

Example 2  - You love the community

Example 3 -  You are a relationship & referral based realtor

Are you interested in learning how I’ve been building new local relationships?

I have CC'd Tom Jones, Sales Operations Manager to this email, he will be able to show you the program and answer any questions you might have about Parkbench.

All the best,

(Your Name)