How To Get Your Brokerage's Listings On ListHub [USA only]

Do you want to get your listings AND your brokerage’s listings on the website, automatically? It’s easy!

You just need to make sure your brokerage is:

  1. Registered with ListHub (90% of brokerages are already)
  2. Make sure that Parkbench is one of your allowed Publishers

Want to get the real estate search setup?

Here’s the process:

  1. Below is an email template that you need to send to your broker to make all this happen in less than 2 minutes!
  2. Then, once you get confirmation from your broker that it’s done, check the following business day and see if we’re now getting access to showcase your brokerage’s listings on your Parkbench Website.

Email Template

Subject: More exposure for our listings

Hi {first name},

I recently signed up for and would like them to have the ability to showcase my listings on the AREA NAME Neighborhood Website I am sponsoring. They are connected with ListHub but you will need to authorize it.

Once you add Parkbench as an approved Publisher, the entire office will have their listings on the website too (for free) giving us more exposure and helping our office get more leads.

If you've already registered with ListHub just login and choose Parkbench as one of your publishers - it's quick and simple!  

If not, it will just take a minute to register with them, before you can select Parkbench.

Here’s a video on how to register for Listhub and approve Publishers like Parkbench

If you want to learn more about Parkbench and their Local Leader® Real Estate Marketing System (designed for relationship and referral based realtors who farm areas), contact them for a demo:

You can also get a good insight by reading their google reviews.

FYI - they only work with 1 realtor per neighborhood! (actually)

Therefore, if you like them, I’d like to introduce Parkbench to the agents in our office and get some referral rewards for me too :) 


Thank you,



P.S more information below.

If Applicable, here’s the registration link for Listhub 

FYI, Listhub is a free service provided by our MLS. Here's a quick video that explains Listhub 



Keep in mind that as per Parkbench's agreement with Listhub, we can only display data they send us. Following these steps will increase the likelihood that your listing data will be displayed. But it is not guaranteed as it is up to ListHub.

Alternatively, you can opt to:

    1. integrate your IDX 
    2. add Featured Listings to your site