How to Find Facebook Groups to Promote Interviews

To ensure we're getting your interviewees as far as we can across social media to increase your reach, it can be helpful to find other local Facebook groups for people in your community. 

To find these groups, simply go to and search your area name in the search bar at the top of the page. 

The types of groups you're looking for could include things like this in the title:

  • (area name) Moms or Families
  • (area name) Happenings
  • (area name) Business Network
  • (area name) Community

You'll often find groups related to a specific industry, that can also be great to connect with and share certain interviews. Some examples we've seen are groups related to Pets, Fitness, Hair Care, and Food or Drink.

Once you've found a group or page, the first step is to like or join the page. Check out some of the posts, like, or comment on them to start to connect with the rest of the members. To ensure you're starting the relationship with the admin(s) of the page on the right foot, a best practice is sending a quick message asking them if they're on board with posting your interviews. Here's a simple script to try:

"Hey (owner or admin name). I'm the sponsor for a hyper-local neighbourhood website all about (neighbourhood name). It features local content such as news, events, and deals, and I post interviews with local businesses allowing them the opportunity to share their story, and encourage the community to check them out. I would love the opportunity to share those business owner's interviews here, and invite members here to have a look at the site.  Check it out at and let me know what you think. I don't want to step on any toes in the group. Thanks!"

And some examples from actual clients: