How to Execute the Perfect Follow Up After You Interview a Business Owner

Below is a list of the many ways to go about keeping yourself top of mind for your interviewed prospects. Keep in mind that there are so many different ways of following up; some may be better than others, and some might only make sense at a specific time.

  1. First contact post-interview:

    1. "Hey [Business Owner/Professional]! Just wanted to reach out and say that I had an awesome time interviewing you the other day. It was a pleasure to learn about your history and impact in [AREA]. I LOVE learning about the people in our community, and your story definitely adds to our rich history. Hope to talk soon!"

  2. Seeing if they have daily specials, deals, etc. that would be good to promote on Parkbench:

    1. "Hey [Business Owner]! I was driving by your shop today and I noticed that you're offering 20% off! Do you want me to put that on the community website for you?"

      (Remember, being physically present and in front of a business owner can definitely be more advantageous.)

  3. If they haven't claimed their business yet:

    1. "Hi [Business owner/professional]. I noticed that you haven't claimed your business on Park bench yet. It’s a great way to further promote your products, and you can get people to write reviews about you! Here is the link to your business on Parkbench [insert link]. All you have to do is click 'claim this page' to get started! If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [insert Account Manager's email] and he/she can get you going in no time!"

  4. Interview Ranking on the search engines:

    Part of what makes Park bench great is our content aggregation technology, which aids search engines, like Google, to start recognizing interviews as a good source of content, and indexing them higher on results pages.

    1. "Hey [business owner/professional]! I just wanted to reach out to let you know that the interview I did with you is now on the first page of Google! If you search your business’ name and our city, it’s right there! Check it out! [insert screenshot/link]"

  5. Interview gaining traction on social media groups:

    When you get to a certain point in your Park bench journey, your Account Manager will help create and coach in promoting your interviews to social media.

    1. "Hey [business owner/professional]! I just wanted to let you know that I shared your interview on a local Facebook group for the neighborhood, and it has over [x] amount of likes and [x] amount of shares. Check it out! [Send link/screenshot]."