How To Create and Post Interviews Quickly

One of the most challenging aspects of your prospect interviews will be editing and publishing. Many agents get excited about booking and recording interviews but struggle with the editing and publishing process.

Best Practices For Writing An Interview Quickly:
  • Do write the interview up either right after the interview, or later that day. This will speed the process up.
  • Do NOT conduct an interview and then delay writing it until many days later. This will slow you down.
  • Do NOT record the interview, transcribe it yourself, and then write Do NOT record the interview and transcribe it after before writing the interview. This will slow you down.
Best Practices For Recording A Video Interview Quickly:
  • Keep it simple! Unless you hire a professional videographer, Do NOT try to be Gary V or Steven Speilberg and insert lots of effects, transitions, camera shots, etc. This will slow you down and it is not necessary.
  • Do 1-shot takes that don’t require intensive editing.

For example:

Film the whole interview. Leave it untouched as raw footage, trim the ends, and post that to Youtube and Parkbench (not Facebook).


Create a 1-2 minute short video with the interviewee. If you need to re-record it again, it won’t eat up too much filming time, and it drastically reduces editing time.