How To Conduct a Speed Interview

This is a step by step guide on how to do time efficient, awesome interviews!

1. Speed interviews are really simple and can be done on the spot or pre-arranged.

2. They can be used for written or video interviews. 

Tip for written interviews: Have a note pad and pen with you to take key notes during the interview. Use these key notes to form sentences when posting your interview. Do not try to quote the interviewee word for word, focus on engaging with the interviewee and forming a relationship.

Tip for video interview: Before filming pre frame the video will be 2-3 minutes long. This will remind your interviewee that answers should be concise. Take a minute to tell the interviewee the questions you will be asking, this will help them form great responses and feel more confident on camera. Be friendly, enthusiastic and keep it short and simple! 

3. All you need is 5 questions and a selfie!

  • What motivated you to open your business?
  • What is it your customers/clients love about the service you provide?
  • Is there anything exciting coming up that we should know about?
  • What are some of your future goals?
  • What do you love most about the neighborhood?

4. Make sure you take the opportunity to talk real estate!
 Check out the link below for key opportunities to to transition into talking real estate:

5. Wrap the interview up and check you have the correct contact information.

6. Post and share the interview! 

7. Add the interviewee’s contact information to your database and remember to follow up throughout the year!

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