How To Book An Interview Via Email

This is a step by step guide for booking an interview via email

Reaching out to potential interviewees via email is a good option if you are unable to speak to the business owner in person or on the phone. 

Below is a template, please ensure you add the information in bold.

"Hi (name),

My name is (enter your name) and I am the sponsor and ambassador of a new local website just for (neighborhood) that is all about shopping local. It helps people stay up to date with what is going on in the community.

As the ambassador, I am trying to help people get to know others that live and work in the community. So, I am looking for cool (Industry/Business/Organizations) to interview and feature on the site for free.

I would love to interview (Business Name) and feature you on the site.

Would you be interested in being interviewed?"

Happy prospecting!