How to book an interview over the phone or in person

This script will help you book meetings with business owners and community members in your area. It includes ways to handle objections that might come up and also ways to explain Parkbench to your prospect. 

Ways to Book a Meeting 

In-Person/Over the Phone: 

Option 1 - Short Length. Good for in person 

“Hi [FIRST NAME] *If you know their name*

My name is _______

And I’m the sponsor and ambassador for this new local website for (AREA NAME) 

And I’m looking for cool (business owners/professionals/homeowners) to interview and feature on the website



Would you like to be featured?”

Option 2 - Medium Length. Good for in person or on the phone.

“Hello! My name is [NAME]

And I’m calling on behalf of [neighbourhood’s] new local website.

The website showcases local news, events, deals, businesses and professionals!

It promotes shopping local and supporting the professionals in the community.

I’d love the chance to get to know more about [your business/expertise etc.] and to feature you on the site for free!

Would you like to be featured?

[They’ll definitely say yes!]

Amazing! When would be the best time for me to come by and interview you?”

WHY these scripts work

  • Simple. Clear. Short. Easy to understand and consume
  • Addresses who you are IN CONTEXT to the ASK, the interview
  • Does NOT push your profession and brand and services on the other person
  • Offers Free PR, which is desired by many
  • Give You the Stronger Frame - you are the prize, you have a prize to offer
  • Invites questions to be asked for you to provide answers in greater detail, making you sound good!

Wanting to know how best to manage questions and objections that come up?

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