How Do Events Populate?

This guide educates you on how events are populated on your Parkbench Neighbourhood Website.

Upon sponsoring a Parkbench Neighbourhood Website our team begin building the website for you.

Within 24 hours you can sign into the sponsored website but please note the website will not be fully completed for a few business days.

The Parkbench Website Operations Team research sources in your sponsored areas that post content relevant to your sponsored neighbourhood.

Events are aggregated from Meetup, Eventbrite, Eventful and

If the location of the event is within your sponsored area, they will be aggregated to your website automatically. Meaning you get regular updates of events happening in your community

Events can also be added by the sponsor and all members of the community. This is great free marketing for businesses, professionals and organizations in the community! Click here to learn how to add an event.

Parkbench has filters that help to prevent any inappropriate or controversial events from populating. For more information about banned words click here.

For more information reach out to