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Getting Started With Reddit

You might've already heard of Reddit, or think that it's just two simple words, and not an amazing platform.

Hey Local Leaders! 

So, you want to make the jump into the deep world of Reddit? Amazing choice. It's not called The Front Page of the Internet for no reason. 

Take a look at the video below to get a brief rundown of what getting started with Reddit looks like, and how to do it for yourself! 

The most important take away that we want to preface for this article, is that Reddit is a very deep platform, with lots of information, and lots of different ways to go about finding it. And with that, we want to say to take Reddit at your own pace. It's not something that you necessarily have to be good at. Yes, some people can navigate a platform faster than others. And yes, some people may know of more subreddits than you do. But nonetheless, all of those things will come. Because by just getting started with Reddit (and that can mean just going to reddit.com for the first time and taking a look around), you will quickly learn how the platform works. 

As always, email or book a call with your success coach if you have any questions!