Common Objections/Questions When Booking An Interview

Here you find common questions interviewees may have and how to answer them.

Common Questions and Scripted Answers! 

What does it cost?

  • Nothing! It's completely free!

Who sees the site?

  • So, I am showing it to all of my clients and customers.
  • And I’ll also be sharing the interviews, news, and events on all of my social media channels.
  • I'm also encouraging everyone that I feature to share their own interviews on their social media platforms to get the most exposure possible.
  • I also have a weekly newsletter in which your interview will be featured in. Any subscribers can click on the interview from there too!

    Why are you doing this? What’s the catch? - [Script 1]

    • Well, I’m a local real estate agent in the area - looking to become a local expert. I’ve sponsored the site to keep my clients and customers along with the locals informed about what’s happening in our community. So, what I get out of this interview is a new relationship and a cool piece of content for the neighborhood website and what you get out of this is a positive article written about you and your business and more exposure. 
    • Because I’m a local realtor, and the majority of my business comes from relationships and referrals, I know that if I meet more people by interviewing them, I’ll build new relationships that will eventually turn into business. And if I promote someone online, and make them look good, through this interview, I have faith that some people will do that for me in return. So if I can give this free local marketing platform, to help local businesses make more money, then I’m sure some will want to help me make more money! They could even become my client or refer me to a friend or family member. Maybe the next person I interview will. I don’t know. I don’t focus on it. I just focus on getting to know people, giving them value, showing people that I am the local expert, and I just have faith my business will grow.
    • I wanted a one-stop-shop to stay up to date with what was going on in the community, so I could go to more events, and save money by knowing all the deals, sales, and specials happening. So I knew I would have more fun around here by sponsoring this website and actively helping the neighborhood to grow!
    • So, there’s definitely self-interest in me doing this, but the cool thing is I get to do a lot of good for the people and the community in the process.

    Why are you doing this? What's the catch? [Script 2]

    • Great question! So, like you, I'm a resident of this area. I've actually lived here for about X years. 
    • And in that timeframe, I've been a real estate professional for roughly the last X years.
    • I've found that my business in real estate has been built on the relationships and referrals that I have given and received, from local businesses in this area.
    • So when I saw the opportunity to sponsor this neighborhood website, I figured this is a perfect fit for me!
    • The interviews, which go on the site, allow me to meet more people, provide more value to our community, and support local businesses and initiatives. This is the way that I want to build my business.
    • And I'm confident that the more people I feature, the more value I provide, the more relationships that I build, the higher chance I'm going to have of finding people who like what I'm about, see value in what I offer, and want to do business with me directly, or refer me to someone that I can help.
    • Now, does that mean that you're going to refer me after this interview? I dunno! Maybe?! But I'm not focusing on that. I'm just confident that by putting value first, I'll see that returned to my business long term.

    How does this (the interview process) work?

    • That's a great question!
    • So the interview process will take about 30 to 35 minutes in total. The interview or Q and A part of it will likely be anywhere from 5-15 minutes.
    • As for the interview style, we can do a written interview or a video interview, or both. It could also be done at your business, or remotely, if you're more comfortable with that.
    • Before the interview, I’ll send you some questions beforehand via email that I'm planning on asking. You'll see that my goal is to essentially get to know what you do, what you need, and what you like, to help humanize you to the public, and of course, make you look good!
    • So would [Date and Time] work for the interview? Or would you prefer [Date and Time]?

    How will people see this article? How will people find out about the website?

    • I’m glad you asked! Ok, first, I’m going to share this on my social media channels.
    • Next, I have a list of other websites and social media pages to share it on. Then, you’ll obviously share the interview on your social channels, right?
    • Perfect.
    • So after these 3 steps, on average, 100-300 locals will read the article.
    • Then, you will have a free profile, where you can reward your customers with a coupon for writing a review about you. Which will bring more people to the website, help you show up higher in the search engines, AND, you will build a great reputation online by using the review coupon feature. You can offer deals for new customers too!
    • And, as I continue to do more interviews, and as more businesses start to use their profile to promote their deals and specials, and get reviews, and as a result, make more money, more and more people will come to the website, to write reviews, and see the deals that other businesses are offering.
    • And finally, all the people who write reviews and get deals off the website, need to create an account, and then they can subscribe to the weekly email newsletter. This means a large database of local consumers will be built by all the businesses in the area. Every week, Parkbench sends a weekly email newsletter to all the subscribers, bringing them back to the website. This means, not only is this platform free, but it can save you money long term when you think about promoting a product, service, event, or promotion. 
    • So in summary, it’s a combination of the interviews, social media, search engines, and the local businesses promoting their profile.
    • Overall, this platform will grow organically over time - are you starting to see the big vision? Because it’s really exciting what this platform can do for everyone, for free.
    • But first thing first, we need to do an interview and feature you on the website!

    How come I’ve never heard of Parkbench?

    • Great Question.
    • Because they just launched in our area!
    • Believe it or not, Parkbench is one of the largest networks of neighborhood websites in the world. They are already in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and I know right now they are expanding globally - they’re kind of like a "Google" for neighborhoods!
    • But, they are new to our neighborhood.
    • I just sponsored the development of our community page on Parkbench, because I knew their technology and platform would provide value to the people who live, work, and play here!
    • And as I interview people and businesses and schools and feature them on the website, and as we all start sharing the content on social media, and as businesses start promoting their profiles because they can make more money by doing so, the website is going to grow! It won’t blow up super fast, but it will grow organically, which means it will last long term.