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Calendar Booking Software: Your Options & Availability

Calendar Booking Software: Your Options & Availability 5 Calendar Booking Options for your business

It’s no secret that more and more aspects of traditional business operations are becoming automated in some form or another. Online appointment scheduling, and the systems and software that are available for use, can have great impacts on your business. It is crucial to become an early adopter of this software and integrate it into your business operations. If you don’t agree with me, ask anyone under the age of 25 the last time they booked a haircut over the phone. 

We have compiled a list of such softwares and systems, so that you can start streamlining your appointments, and manage your pipeline. 

#1. Calendly

Calendly is one of the more well known and robust online scheduling systems. Calendly’s simple and easy to use dashboard will give you the ability to quickly learn the ropes of the system, while actually using it! 


  • They have a fully free, yet limited, version to use that includes:
  • Calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, and iCloud
  • Schedule unlimited events
  • Automated event notifications
  • Metrics and reporting functionality
  • Salesforce integration and support
  • Custom reminders that can be sent automatically to clients & customers

#2. Setmore

Setmore is included high on this list not only for its popularity, but also because of the fact that it is tailored and built for small business owners, which you are! Check out their free setup guide here!


  • Unlike Calendly, Setmore has a mobile app so you can schedule on the go
  • Ability to send BOTH email and SMS reminders to your clients
  • Free trial available to see if it’s something you like! 
  • Setmore stores your database
  • You can upload your database using a CSV file, into Setmore
  • This is a huge plus for real estate prospecting and database management


  • The interface can get some getting used to
  • Their only 2 pricing options are a big jump from one another

#3. SimplyBook.Me

SimplyBook.me is another robust system offering not only easy calendar and appointment bookings, but customer management as well. Scheduling software also integrates with Facebook to enhance your online presence


  • You can customize the booking page that customers or clients will use
  • You can add the booking page to your company’s website or Facebook fan-page
  • Allows you to gather insights and info about your customers so that you can nurture like a CRM

#4. Doodle

Most likely the deepest of the free versions for scheduling and appointment management. That’s not to say that it’s of lower standard than anything else like Calendly, because Doodle does offer an amazing premium paid package as well.


  • Doodle will come in handy for not only business meetings, but events and happenings outside of work
  • You can create polls on locations, and individuals can vote on the options without having to create a Doodle account
  • Simple to use interface
  • App for both Apple and Android
  • Their most expensive plan is only $69USD/year


  • Compared to a system like Calendly, Doodle will fall short when it comes to the list of features

#5. Assistant.to

100% free, seriously. While Assistant.to is merely a chrome extension, it still has a massive list of advantages that are waiting to be integrated into your business model.


  • Much like Salesforce Inbox or Yesware, Assistant.to allows you to easily insert times into an email for the meeting(s) you are scheduling
  • Your coworkers, prospects, people that you’ll be meeting with, do not require to have an Assistant.to account to use
  • Automatic time zone configuration and assistance
  • Automatically updates and deletes times that you are no longer available to avoid double bookings entirely


  • You must have, as an ‘organizer’ (Assistant.to account), a Gmail and Google Calendar accounts set up and active
  • They are still working on group scheduling but for now it only works between two people
  • You are still able to edit the event after in your settings and add more people to attend

 It's important to note that the above options, their features, etc., are subject to change. It is also extremely important to note that keeping yourself up on new emerging technologies (apps, programs, etc.) is a great practice. Knowing what tools are at your disposal to better your business is easy. Start following tech & media companies on social media. Get familiar with reddit.com/r/technology . As always, talk to your Success Coach to talk about what tools you can use to become the Local Leader :)

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